Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthodontics is one the recognised dentistry specialities that is recognised by the major governing dental association across the world such as the American Dental Association, Royal College of Dentists of Canada, and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the complete process of diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating a person to either regain or enhance all of their dental functions, from a functional as well an aesthetic point of view. Prosthodontists use various techniques as well as a wide array of substitute materials to build up tooth matter and tissue such that it achieves the desired effects. Prosthodontists are the type of dentists that you need to visit if you have some sort of pre-existing condition that has led to or caused a dental problem for you. Prosthodontists can help you if you were born with some sort of birth defect or medical condition that has impeded or negatively affected the formation of your teeth and surroundings areas. Additionally, cosmetic dental surgery and all cosmetic procedures that have a cosmetic element also fall under the banner of prosthodontic dentistry. Cosmetic procedures include correcting dental problems that may not necessarily impede the functionality of your teeth but are not aesthetically pleasing or satisfactory. Examples of cosmetic procedures include common functions such as teeth whitening, closing the gap between visible teeth, and so on and so forth.

Commonly treated conditions and treatment modalities used in prosthetic surgery include, but are not limited to:

- Bonded composite restorations
- Porcelain Veneers
- Dental Implants
- Crowns and Bridgework
- Full mouth rehabilitation
- Smile design
- Enhancements for aged teeth
- Removable, partial or complete dentures
- Treatment of jaw disorders
- Snoring and sleep apnoea appliances
- Whitening

Finding a College in Chicago

If you live in the city of Chicago, you can earn a college degree from one of many available institutions. Below are three reputable Chicago colleges and the choices that they offer.

University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago is an open campus that is not marked by a fence at its boundaries. There are houses, apartments and shops inside the campus itself. UIC is located in the heart of downtown and is split into two parts: the East campus (engineering, liberal arts and sciences) and the West campus (medicine, nursing, pharmacy). There is also a South campus which has a large recreation center and dorms.

UIC offers programs in Applied Health Sciences, Business Administration, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Work, and Urban Planning & Public Affairs. Depending on the program, UIC offers Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degree programs along with doctoral degrees.

Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago is located in the heart of Chicago's South Loop, where you can also find the Art Institute, Chicago Symphony and the Museum Campus. CCC is one of the most diverse private arts and media colleges in the country, with nearly 12,500 students and more than 120 academic programs.

The College offers Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in majors and minors such as Acting (B.F.A., Minor), Dance, Graphic Design, Directing-Theater, and Fashion Design as well as a general Fine Arts degree, among others. CCC also offers Bachelor of Arts programs in other programs that include Art & Design, Art History, Digital Media Technology, Early Childhood Education, Film/Video, Music Composition and Journalism.

Westwood College - Chicago Loop

Westwood College is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and is near a variety of captivating Chicago attractions such as the Theater District and Millennium Park. This Chicago college is easily accessible by the Metro transit system and the Chicago Transit Authority, which makes getting to school from home or work much smoother than suburban campuses. Sears Tower is close by and Lake Michigan also offers recreational options for those who want a break from their daily grinds.

The Chicago Loop campus offers degree programs among four schools in Westwood College. The School of Design provides degrees in Animation, Game Art, Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting, Graphic Design & Multimedia, and Visual Communications. The Criminal Justice degree can be earned from the School of Justice. The School of Technology can prepare students with a degree in Information Technology that can be specialized in Network Management or Systems Security. Westwood's School of Business offers Business Administration degrees in Accounting and Financial Management, Healthcare Management, Marketing Management and Construction Management.